Opening times

Mon-Wed and Fridays - 8.30-12.30 and 1.30-5.30

Saturdays - 9.00-12.30 and 1.30-5.00

We are closed on Thursdays.

Please check opening times during public holidays.

We serve our customers the traditional way, over the counter in the shop.

Many more items are in the shop.

We are happy to order other things for you, with no carriage charge.

We deliver Calor Gas locally.

Tel: 01848 330267

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history nails and screws etc locks, handles, hinges etc tape measures etc stanley tools tools adhesives painting and decorating wood and metal finishing brushes and mops etc cleaning products cooking baking bakeware crockery, glassware cutlery sundries batteries clocks clocks flower seeds fruit and vegetable seeds gardening tools flower seeds

The shop is in the centre of Thornhill, on the main A76 road north of Dumfries, with ample parking nearby.

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All photography and design

Lance at Studio33 in Thornhill



We keep a useful range of leading-brand adhesives for D.I.Y. jobs around the home, as well as handy basics such as Blu-Tack and duct tape.

Amongst others, we stock:-

Araldiite - Bartoline Fix and Grout - Blu-tack - Bostik - Bostik hard plastic glue - Bostik leather adhesive - cartridge guns - Rhino cloth tape - Copydex - electrical insulating tape - Ever-Build bath and kitchen sealant - Ever-Build general purpose silicone sealant - Evo-Stik impact adhesive - Evo-Stik flooring adhesive - Evo-Stik Time Bond - Loctite duct-tape - Loctite Super-Glue - Loctite Vinyl-Bond - No More Nails - Paddies - Superdec parcel tape - Pritt sticks - Rhino gaffer-tape - SupaFix double-sided adhesive pads - Supafix self-adhesive pads and the long-time favourite for lots of different fixing jobs, UHU glue.

Other D.I.Y. products are on the tools, decorating and finishing pages, as well as on the home page.