Opening times

Mon-Wed and Fridays - 8.30-12.30 and 1.30-5.30

Saturdays - 9.00-12.30 and 1.30-5.00

We are closed on Thursdays.

Please check opening times during public holidays.

We serve our customers the traditional way, over the counter in the shop.

Many more items are in the shop.

We are happy to order other things for you, with no carriage charge.

We deliver Calor Gas locally.

Tel: 01848 330267

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history nails and screws etc locks, handles, hinges etc tape measures etc stanley tools tools adhesives painting and decorating wood and metal finishing brushes and mops etc cleaning products cooking baking bakeware crockery, glassware cutlery sundries batteries clocks clocks flower seeds fruit and vegetable seeds gardening tools flower seeds

The shop is in the centre of Thornhill, on the main A76 road north of Dumfries, with ample parking nearby.

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All photography and design

Lance at Studio33 in Thornhill

gardening products

Plant food, fertilizers, weedkillers, pesticides etc.

animal repellent and ant killer

Baby Bio, bamboo canes, blood, fish and bone meal, Bordeaux mixture, border forks and border spades

cabbage collars, chicken manure, compost, compost-maker and Coolglass

digging forks, digging spades, dutch hoes

edging shears, Epsom salts

fertilisers and flower seeds

fork handles (three kinds) and fungicides

garden hose, garden hose fittings, garden lime, garden rakes, garden twine and gardening gloves, grass seed, green split canes, greenhouse clips, greenhouse heaters and Growmore

hand forks, hand trowels, hanging baskets, hanging basket liners and hanging basket brackets, hedge shears and hormone rooting powder

Jeyes Fluid disinfectant and kneeler pads, lawn edging knives, lawn rakes, lawn sprinklers, lead-head wall nails and loppers

marker pens and Miracle Gro, paraffin, pea and bean nets, peat pots, pepper dust and Perlite, various other kinds of pesticides

Phostrogen and other kinds of plant food

plant rings, plastic plant labels, plastic plant pots and protective nets and riddles

secateurs, seed trays, sharpening stones and slug bait, sulphate of ammonia, sulphate of iron and sulphate of potash

thermometers, tie wire, Toprose, tree ties, trimmer line and Tumbleweed

vegetable seeds and vine eyes, watering cans, weedkiller (Weedol and others) and wooden hay rakes