Opening times

Mon-Wed and Fridays - 8.30-12.30 and 1.30-5.30

Saturdays - 9.00-12.30 and 1.30-5.00

We are closed on Thursdays.

Please check opening times during public holidays.

We serve our customers the traditional way, over the counter in the shop.

Many more items are in the shop.

We are happy to order other things for you, with no carriage charge.

We deliver Calor Gas locally.

Tel: 01848 330267

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history nails and screws etc locks, handles, hinges etc tape measures etc stanley tools tools adhesives painting and decorating wood and metal finishing brushes and mops etc cleaning products cooking baking bakeware crockery, glassware cutlery sundries batteries clocks clocks flower seeds fruit and vegetable seeds gardening tools flower seeds

The shop is in the centre of Thornhill, on the main A76 road north of Dumfries, with ample parking nearby.

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All photography and design

Lance at Studio33 in Thornhill


Sundry items

We don't sell zebras, but we do sell zinc-plated screws, nails, nuts and bolts.

We don't stock yachts or yellow wellies, but we do sell yacht varnish and yellow Marigolds (as well as blue ones and black ones!)

We might not have anything beginning with 'x', but then again, perhaps somewhere on a shelf there's something we've forgotten....who knows?

We sell plenty of things beginning with 'w', including windscreen scrapers, window squeegies, wax tapers and wall clocks.

We've already mentioned varnish (for yachts and on the finishing page). We also have some useful things beginning with 'u', such as undercoat when you want to repaint a door.

If you need to see in the dark, we sell torches (small, medium and large) and batteries to put in them. We sell so many other things beginning with 't' that there isn't space to list them here.

For all kinds of jobs we have string, sandpaper and step ladders, as well as scissors for cutting paper, hair and cloth. Kitchen scissors are on the cooking page.

For bicycles we sell puncture repair outfits.

At the bottom of the cleaning page you will find real chamois leathers for the ultimate in car and window care. Rolling pins are on the baking page...and we sell many other things for home cooking.

We almost certainly sell a few things beginning with 'q'...a quick look should jog the memory...but then again, there are quite a lot of shelves to look at!

We sell the metal pulleys and frames for those wonderful old-fashioned hanging clothes airers. For wherever you like to keep them we sell pocket knives and Pritt sticks. If you want to liven up a wall, we sell picture hooks and picture cord....but we don't sell pictures.

We have packets and boxes of the old Imperial screws, nails, nuts and bolts tucked away on shelves at the back.

Net curtains aren't something which we stock, but we do sell the rods, expanding wires, hooks and eyes.

To solve pest problems, we keep mouse traps, mouse bait and moth repellants.

For repairs and D.I.Y. using hoses, we have jubilee clips....along with hundreds of other useful things which there isn't space to show on this website.

We have a shed-full of different things for the garden - why not take a look at a full-screen photo to get an idea of the range on offer.

We still sell the mantles for gas lamps, as well as for Camping Gaz lamps.

Yes, of course we have some fly spray, fly papers and fire lighters!

Egg whisks of various kinds are on the baking page, though they naturally do a good job of omelettes too.

When it comes to the letter 'd', we stock Dylon fabric dyes, drawing pins, draught excluders and D-rings for picture frames.

We've already mentioned net curtain wire and net rods...we also sell curtain track, curtain hooks and eyes and other curtain track fittings.

If you remember the two Ronnies from 1976, we can sell you four candles. We also sell them in dozens in packets, as well as night lights and tapers.

For cooking, heating and blow torches etc. we sell different sizes of Calor gas. We deliver Calor cannisters locally.

If your house feels cold, we sell conveniently-sized bags of coal to go in the boot of your car.

We sell lots of blue things, as you will see when you click through the pictures. For a start, we sell seeds for several different kinds of blue flowers. If you would like to look more closely on a big screen, click on one of the main photos and it will take you to a screen-filling version.

Other 'b' things include brass picture wire (on this page), batteries (Duracell and Energizer) and different kinds of plastic boxes.

Alarm clocks are among many things beginning with 'a' which you can find on our shelves. Don't be afraid to ask!